VISIONARY: Gravitas New York

August 24, 2019

I was 22 the first time someone used the word gravitas to describe me. It was my first professional review, and the context was that I lacked it. “Lisa comes across as young and overly enthusiastic at times. She should seek to have more gravitas.” – From Lisa’s first professional review in 2001

I knew I needed gravitas to be successful in life and business. And so began my decade-long affair with achieving it.

For me that meant being inspired and inspiring my peers, and admitting that the way I look can shape how I take on the day. To have gravitas is to be beyond doubt, and to instead own your moment. And to my own moment, I needed the perfect dress. A dress that combined the quality and innovations I’ve come to expect. One that felt as chic as my best luxury-label pieces, and as slimming and confidence-boosting as my favorite yoga pants. Who knew it could it be done!

Today, Gravitas reflects both the community of women seeking it, and is a reminder to all of us who have it to project it.

With gratitude,

Lisa Sun

Founder & CEO


I was introduced to Lisa Sun, the Founder of Gravitas New York, about 3 years ago, and fell in love with the mission and overall vision of this brand. It truly stands for confidence, owning your moment, and feeling comfortable in your clothing. Lisa is an inspiration for female entrepreneurs, a wonderful leader, and quickly became a great friend. When she asked me to model her “Treggings” (Trouser + Leggings) for a new campaign I quickly accepted the opportunity to collaborate together again. The Love Yourself Treggings by @gravitasnewyork are the ultimate lightweight luxe pant, perfect for summer and beyond. The entire collection is made to transition from desk to dinner, they are wardrobe staples and closet foundations you can’t live without. It’s about clothing beyond size and labels. Shop the entire collection HERE and check out my IG for a fun giveaway to win your own pair.