Turks and Caicos

Jan 24, 2021

I’ve officially found my favorite beach in the WORLD (point blank). That’s a bold statement considering I’m a beach lover. A few months ago after drowning our winter blues over some wine during a Friday girls night, I realized that it was time for some sunshine and a recharge. I believe in working hard and giving my full attention to any project I am on, but every once in a while I need a reset to come back stronger, motivated, and inspired. One of my friends wanted to join for some vitamin sea, so we made a list of the top beaches. Our criteria had to be very close to NYC (since we could only sneak away for 4 days max), didn’t want to deal with currency exchanges, and didn’t want any big time differences for jet lag purposes.

Turks and Caicos was the PERFECT pick. I literally can’t believe that I’ve never been here before in my life. It was only a 3 hour direct easy flight from NYC. There is barley a time difference, and when you make your descent into the island gazing at the bluest turquoise clear water it all clicks. Turks and Caicos was voted #1 beach in the world in 2018, and it surely is. My neighbor had been 5-6 times and gave us a run down of things to do and see. The island is just pure untouched perfection. THERE ARE NO PRIVATE BEACHES, meaning every single beach is open access for the public and locals to enjoy free of charge. Every beach or bay around the island is beautiful and the water is crystal clear and calm. The locals are the nicest people, the overall crime rate is very low (extremely safe), and the food (especially fresh seafood) is some of the best I’ve ever had.

Once again, I have to praise the universe for being so amazing because this weekend was better then I could have planned. One of my great couple friends decided to visit at the same time. They came specifically to adopt a puppy from the local shelter on the island called PotCakes. This shelter allows you to come play with the puppies everyday and even take them out for beach walks. Even if you are not planning to bring a dog home, it’s a great experience to check out. The best part about my trip had to be an unexpected visit from one of my friends, a Turks island native who was visiting his family this weekend. He showed us the BEST time off the “beaten path” with all the locals + friends + and family. The fact that all 5 of us ended up on the island on the same weekend was SO much fun and completely unplanned. I’m learning that the BEST times in my life lately are unplanned, spontaneous moments.

Ok so now for the full run-down. What to do, where to go, the scoop…

You need at least 3 nights on this magical island, 4 if you can swing it. I stayed at the Sands Hotel which was located on Grace Bay. It was a beautiful hotel, clean, great pool, beach access, friendly staff, and a had an awesome restaurant called Hemingway’s. I highly recommend this property, it’s family friendly for kids, but it was also nice that I didn’t have kids running and screaming around me all day at the pool. Some advice- you do NOT have to stay at a fancy expensive hotel. Every beach is beautiful and accessible. I would recommend renting a car so you can get around the island and check out all of the amazing beach spots. The only tricky part is driving on the opposite side of the road, takes some getting used to.

DEFINITELY go to local restaurants, don’t stay at an all inclusive with crappy American food and spend a ton of money when you can eat at all of the beach spots. Some of my favorites included The Crackpot Kitchen (red snapper to die for), Bugaloos for an afternoon of great food and happy hour (sit IN the Water at a table), and Da Conch Shack. There are little outdoor restaurants and beach stands all over the island that are delicious and affordable. If you want to splurge on a fine dining experience go to Coco’s Bistro. Or- if you are living on the fly like we did with no reservations you can eat at CocoVan (part of coco bistro) and sit outside with golden lights and palm trees.

Where to party? The island comes alive at night- as soon as the sun starts to go down its siesta time and everyone reconvenes in town for dancing and rum punch. The Sandbar was a great opening night for us, awesome music and a fun crowd. Danny Buoy’s (yes they have an Irish pub) for after hours and karaoke, and late night food. We also had a good time at BLU bar with yummy cocktails.

With that being said, the BEST parties on the island happen during the day. Why would you limit the fun just at night? The locals have BBQs, music on the beach, island festivals, and if you want a day of fun I highly recommend a boat trip. You can do a Turks and Cacaos island tour cruise, or rent a private charter with some friends. Snorkel, swim, island hop and have a dance party (that’s my ideal Sunday).

Things to note:

Don’t over pack (don’t pack heels! I assure you that you won’t wear them)

No evening attire necessary (I literally wore bathing suits all day and most nights)

Don’t spend a lot of money on your hotel, it’s not needed every beach is accessible and open

Don’t stay at an all inclusive, the food is better on the island

Rent a car so you can get around easily

Start your days EARLY to soak up all the sun

Mingle with the locals and venture out of your hotel, the island is safe and friendly

Take a boat trip to Iguana island, Middle Caicos, or Sapodilla Bay

I’m sitting on the plane as I write this blog post already dreaming of my next trip back, that’s how much I loved it! We met so many wonderful people. If your planning to visit and need a trusted/ reliable driver, tour guide, boat rental or house rental contact me and I’m happy to put you in touch. Until next time …. xo