Thailand Travel Tips

Jan 24, 2021

THAILAND IS FREAKING MAGICAL! I believe that if you can, the journey and travel is 100% worth it. So many of you guys have been asking me about travel tips: what to do while your there, what to bring, where to stay, and what islands to visit once you get to Phuket. I chose Thailand for this years’ 2018 holiday adventure as I have never been, I REALLY wanted to relax on the magical island beaches (I def saw THE BEACH too many times), and wanted to visit the temples in Bangkok. This was a sisters #girlstrip and I wish I could magically transport back to Phi Phi Don Ko beach as I am typing this post from my NYC apartment wearing 4 layers of clothes because it’s freezing! ah BUT these pictures do bring a huge smile to face, so many wonderful memories and I am truly grateful that I get to share my experiences and lessons with you all. Luckily, I had a few friends give me travel tips before I left + a rockstar family friend/travel agent that was a total lifesaver in booking the details.

The most expensive part about the trip is definitely the flight …the very LONG flight to Asia. If you can fly business or 1st then this would be the time to splurge because man it’s a long ass flight. If you can’t, then try to book an exit row for extra leg room. Wear some compression socks as your legs and ankles are 100% going to swell, and try to book your flight to leave at night so you can sleep most of the way. Once you get there, almost everything else is super cheap (unless you want 5 star treatment or super luxury, which I can also recommend as I am a hotel snob).

T H A I L A N D | T I P S


Eat a 4 course meal for breakfast + lunch + dinner (meals are less then $10 USD)
Meditate everyday, the energy is magic in this city
Get multiple massages a day! They are amazing- especially a Thai massage (1 hour & 45 min less then $20 USD)
Stay in Bangkok for more then 2 nights, it is such an amazing city with so much to see!
Eat Pad Thai 😉 and LOT’s of it
Pack bug repellent wipes, wear one EVERY DAY before you leave your room
Pack some hats & lots of sunscreen, the sun is strong
Pack a light sweater for your shoulders when visiting the temples as a sign of respect
PACK HAIR CONDITIONER.. apparently its a rare commodity in many hotels
Go out in Bangkok, mingle with the locals, sit on the rooftop of a bar + people watch, and see one of their special “shows” hehe
Take a tuk tuk ride around the city of Bangkok
Book any trips/temples/excursions through Buffalo Tours

Go in the Summer because it will be way to hot & muggy
Rent a motorbike off the street (they will steal it back from your hotel and you will have to pay for it), always go through your hotel
Get in a cab anywhere without the meter running, they always try to rip off tourists
Eat a scorpion on a skewer when your drunk in the street LOL
Take out too much cash, everything is super cheap once you get there
Pack a lot of fancy clothes or jewelry, everything is VERY casual and beachy
Stay in Phuket for more then 1 night (more info on this later)
Drink any tap water, only bottled water (also be careful about street food)

W H A T  |  TO  |  DO  |  BANGKOK 

To be honest with you, I had painted a very dirty negative picture of Bangkok in my head before I arrived. I was more excited to visit the beaches, Bangkok was just a pass through for me. BUT I WAS WRONG. Bangkok itself is actually quite fabulous. It is clean, the people are very friendly, the food is fantastic, the hotels are 5 star in service, there is so much to do and see! Thailand is not a third world country, it was very different then I had imagined. You need to stay here for more then 2 nights, I wish I had more time in this awesome city.


Must see these three temples:

The Golden Palace- I love their beautiful outdoor gardens & emerald buddha
The Golden Buddha (WAT TRAIMIT)- a 2.5 million dollar solid gold buddha, it is surreal!
The Reclining Buddha (WAT PO)- an 18k gold leaf GIANT buddha, this one is my favorite
Bangkok Art & Culture Center

Learn about Thailand culture, art, and traditions

Royal City Avenue

Great place to go at night to eat and then party

Siam Paragon

A huge shopping center, inside is an AMAZING gourmet food market

Khao San Road

Amazing food, shopping, bars and fun entertainment

Ok, now that we covered Bangkok let’s chat about the islands. Someone warned me prior to this trip and now I completely understand, so make sure you take my advice, do not stay in Phuket for more then 1 night. Take the flight there, leave your bulky luggage checked in safely at a hotel for storage, pack a backpack of swimsuits and get on that speed boat to your beach bungalow. THE PHI PHI & PRIVATE ISLANDS ARE EVERYTHING YOU IMAGINE AND MORE. You do not want to be stuck in Phuket when you can stay on the islands, it is slightly more of a hassle in terms of logistics and travel but worth it. Wake up and step down right to the beach, your own PRIVATE beach. If you are ready to live the life of luxury and make this a splurge trip stay at the Six Senses Resort located on the private island of Koh Yaoi Noi. If you are balling on a budget there are other great options like The Phi Phi Beach Resort, Zeavola Resort on Ko Phi Phi, or The Cove (love this one) on Phi Phi Don. I also really recommend a visit to HONG ISLAND, and visit the fish farms, it was such a cool experience.

Overall, Thailand was an amazing experience. It was worth the super long track and tedious travel because once you arrive to the islands it all clicks. That beautiful aqua blue clear water, sunshine on your face, and total relaxation.

(still smiling as I type this)

I am so grateful to the universe for this beautiful experience, and the fact that I got to share it with my sister.

…Until next time, dream on xo

W H A T  |  TO  |  DO  |  BANGKOK