Spring Fever

August 27, 2019

DRESS: Stine Goya | SHOES: Sam Edelman | SCARF: Gravitas New York

Have you been feeling a little extra pep in your step? It’s no secret that the change of seasons not only effects our wardrobe, but our overall energy and emotions. Warmer days have a direct influence on your mood and behavior.

People who spend at least 30 minutes outside have a better mindset and reduced stress. Your also generally happier when the days are longer, more sunlight! (aka not coming home from work in darkness) A University of Michigan study  found that being outdoors in nice climates can improve memory and broaden cognitive style, which is linked to more creative thoughts.

It’s been so nice to sit on my terrace and work outside in the sun. I feel a new sense of energy, a new possibility of hope in the air. The change of seasons reminds me that life is always evolving and so are we. I love spring weather because it’s not to hot or too cold, it’s literally perfect for a little dress and some sandals. Summer in the city is usually blistering hot, so I am enjoying every beautiful day we have right now.