H&M Conscious Collection

Jan 24, 2021

H&M is taking the phrase “look good, do good, feel good” to a whole new level. I believe this brand has officially mastered developing a conscious collaborative community. What other mass market retailers are taking the steps to be completely sustainable throughout their entire supply chain?! I am extremely impressed by the quality and thoughtfulness of the new H&M conscious collection. The entire collection is designed to promote the use of recycled materials. The 2018 line includes organic linen, cotton + silk as well as tencel and recycled polyester. The collection was inspired by the work of Swedish artist Karin Larsson- handcrafted tapestries, needlework, and her love of gardening/interior design all shine through. You will see some beautiful embroidery, jacquards, and pop out prints.

I was thrilled to attend the event and get an up close look at the clothing. Not only were the pieces well-made and fashion forward, but ignited a new sense of creativity. I loved experiencing the line with like minded conscious individuals, it was a beautiful afternoon hosted by Susan Rockefeller (Filmmaker, Philanthropist, Activist, & Founder of Musings Magazine). Blue Hill at Stone Farms was such a treat, a stunning sanctuary about 40 minutes outside of Manhattan. The grounds are straight out of a novel, and the food was fresh and delicious farm to table.

I believe that brands influence culture through experience and connection, Bravo to H&M! You can check out the full collection HERE.