August 27, 2019

We work out our bodies and minds, but what about our FACE? Normally it’s all about the hammies, shoulders and abs,

what if we targeted the muscles behind our smile? FaceGym is not a facial, it’s a workout for your face. The Founder, Inge Theron was formally a beauty journalist in the U.K. who was searching for a non surgical answer. Our society normalizes botox and fillers, and often times they have some pretty bad results. I’ve seen way too many gorgeous ladies look “botched”.

Using high energy kneading and technology, this gym tones and tightens the 40 muscles in your face. SAY WHAT?!

Skincare can’t give you the results that actual muscle manipulation can. Their roller uses low grade faradic current stimulation to your face muscles that make them lightly contract. I saw a big difference in my face, even comparing both sides as we went through the process. It def does not hurt, it is just a weird feeling when your face muscles start moving. It’s just like a fitness class! Warm up, cardio and cool down system (talk about great branding).

“I wanted to reinvent the beauty business,” reflects Theron. “And I wanted to create something that went back to basics.” She saw the trend in boutique fitness gyms and how successful they were becoming (SoulCycle, Barry’s, Barre Classes). I know that “FaceGym” might sound a little weird, but there is a real science to it.

A 2018 study by Northwestern University found that 30 minutes of daily facial exercises—also called “face yoga”—can improve the appearance of middle-aged women. The moves can plump up cheeks, reduce visible signs of aging, and tone the shape of one’s face. *source: Fast Company*

The method behind FaceGym is to visit just like you would a fitness studio. You work out your body a few times a week, you can work out your face at least once a week. They also do not consider themselves an “anti-aging” service, they a are “pro-aging” service that supports your collagen production, tones your muscles and gives a little lift.

I really loved this expiernce and shared all of my videos during the treatment on my IG stories, you can view them HERE.

I’m absolutely planning to go back and can’t wait to share more.


I am not against botox or fillers. I do not think they are “bad” nor do I judge or look down upon people that choose to use them. I just turned 30, and personally I feel that I don’t need them right now. I would always prefer to do something non invasive then shooting up my face. If they make you feel fabulous, and you love it… power to yah sista!

FaceGym Noho | 670 Broadway, New York, NY 10012 | (929) 383-1800