BISOU NYC: Nail Art Heaven

Jan 24, 2021

There is no secret- I have a nail goddess and her name is Asami. I am crazy about my nails, actually more like a nail lunatic. I truly believe that your nails are 10 tiny canvases and should be a form of self-expression. I have been working in fashion (particularly accessories + jewelry) for a long time now and I feel that my nails are “my suit”. How can you present jewelry to someone if your nails are not done?! It’s part of my character, my personal style and how I express myself. I have been doing nail art manis for over 7 years now, before it was even considered a “cool thing” to do. People would just tell me I am crazy and it’s a waste of time, well guess what… It’s not and I am not planning on stopping anytime soon!

BISOU NY: 6 Spring Street, New York NY PH: 347.330.3477

I met the owner of BISOU NY (Asami) through a mutual friend who is just as crazy about her nails as I am with mine. I was going to another nail salon in NYC (I wont say the name) and they royally screwed up my nails, they felt so weak, and overall I did not like the customer service. As soon as I started working with Asami it was like nail magic INSTANTLY. She is not a “manicurist” she is an artist. Over the past year I would not let anyone else touch my nails. The best part is Asami opened her first JAPANESE NAIL ATELIER salon in Nolita (yes my favorite spot in NYC) a few months ago at 6 Spring Street.

BISOU NY is a little slice of heaven. The interior is gorgeous black & white with accents of gold, very minimalistic style. Every single artist Asami hired is extremely talented and can make magic happen on your finger tips. Something very important to note: THIS IS NOT AN AVERAGE NAIL SALON OR MANICURE. BISOU NY only does Japanese gel and and specializes in designs. No pedis, no regular manis, just nail art.

They are some of the most talented nail artists I have ever met, the work they are producing is incredible. You can show them ANY picture, a fashion collection, a piece of art and they can create something custom on your nails. (its beyond amazing) Yes, it does take some time- I am usually in there for at least 3 hours each visit, but I don’t mind as long as I can charge my phone/have good wifi and some green tea.

BISOU NY: 6 Spring Street, New York NY PH: 347.330.3477

Prices from from 50 onwards, BUT these gel nails last me almost a month each time so it’s totally worth it.

Lastly, people always ask me “how are your nails so healthy?” . I have included a picture of my naked nails so you can see for yourself. BISOU NY does not “machine buff” off the gel, they are extremely careful with removals so my nails do not get damaged. The gel they use is “PARA GEL” and it has actually made my nails stronger over the past year.

I get stopped about 5 times a day for my nails. I do not want to keep BISOU NY a secret, I am sharing my favorite spot because I truly believe in them. I love the work they do, every artist is super talented and you will not be disappointed. Did I mention Vogue, Refinery 29, and WWD also showed BISOU NY major love?

If you do check it out please let me let me know and send me a pic of your nail art 😉